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At Unique Jets, we ensure the best pricing for private jet charters, with no hidden extras. This commitment has positioned us as one of the UK’s most dependable brokers, favored by the world’s top brands, influential leaders, and celebrities. We are dedicated to surpassing all expectations, providing three pricing models tailored to the availability of a private jet and your specific travel dates.

Save up to 75%

Empty legs

An empty leg, also known as a ferry flight, is a scenario where a private jet flies without passengers, either after dropping off passengers or while heading to pick them up. Since these flights are already financed, Unique Jets can provide substantial discounts. When an empty leg perfectly aligns with your travel plan and schedule, we can offer these unmatched prices. However, this option is exclusively for one-way flights.

Save up to 50%

Rerouted empty legs

In instances where no empty leg flights align with your precise itinerary and timing, we at Unique Jets will tap into our proprietary database to reroute an empty leg. This entails utilizing a private jet that can make an additional stop to either pick you up at your departure point, drop you off at your destination, or both. These extra stops do incur added costs, such as landing fees and extra fuel, but rest assured, we’ll negotiate with operators to secure the best possible deal. While the cost of a rerouted empty leg is higher than a standard empty leg, it remains significantly more cost-effective than a full fare on-demand private jet price.

Save up to 25%

On-demand private jet charter

Should there be no empty legs or rerouting possibilities, at Unique Jets, we have the capacity to negotiate the best on-demand charter price for your route with our network of partner operators. You will be presented with a variety of aircraft options at the best charter pricing.

"Overall, the service provided by Unique Jets, the crew, and the staff at both Farnborough and Porto airports was exemplary. The Citation M2 proved to be the perfect aircraft for such transfers. Admittedly, it was a bit challenging in strong winds, but that's a trade-off with lighter aircraft, I suppose! I would undoubtedly opt for Unique Jets' service in the future."

Ashton Coates

"Die Challenger 300 ist ein hervorragendes Flugzeug. Unique Jets hat uns vorzüglich betreut, und die Besatzungen auf beiden Flügen waren außerordentlich gut."


"Tout s'est déroulé sans accroc, j'apprécie l'effort du capitaine pour nous amener à temps à notre destination. Je réserverai à nouveau plus tard cet été !"



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I travel anywhere on a private jet?

Essentially, private jets offer nearly limitless destinations. If there’s an airstrip, your small private jet can touch down. Embarking on a private jet journey provides a blend of luxury and convenience, delivering an extraordinary airborne experience.

Do you have to go through customs if you have a private jet?

If you’re considering travel via private jet, don’t anticipate a seamless pass through customs. Be ready to undergo the same procedures as all other travelers. Customs clearance remains a requisite for entry into any country, even when journeying on a private aircraft.

What documents do you need to fly private jet?

When journeying domestically on a private jet, a passport may not be necessary. However, bear in mind that certain private jet operators may insist on a form of government-issued photo ID, like a driver’s license or national ID card, for security validation.