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Private Jet Charter

In the bustling world of private aviation, Unique Jets stands apart. Offering access to an impressive fleet of over 5,000 up-to-date private jets, they provide bespoke charter solutions tailored to your global travel requirements. Catering to both business and leisure, Unique Jets reshapes the way you fly. The team, adept in managing specialized charter missions – be it cargo, last-minute, or medical flights, ensures your needs are met with precision and efficiency. With Unique Jets, enjoy the luxury of minimized flight times to Europe, Asia, or the United States, thanks to their top-tier private jet rentals.


Introducing the most formidable and technologically advanced array of aircraft in Gulfstream’s lineage. Our diverse fleet, catering to a myriad of missions, is carving out the path for the future of business aviation. Rooted in state-of-the-art technology and tailored to evolve with your fluctuating needs, the fresh Gulfstream fleet stands as a testament to your triumphs.

Aircraft include the G800, G700, G650, G650ER, G600, G500, G400 and G280

Bombardier Global

The Global family of business jets, an industry frontrunner, is celebrated for its ability to boost corporate efficiency while providing unparalleled comfort, performance, and cutting-edge technology, all wrapped up in the smoothest ride in the sky.

Aircraft include the Global 8000, Global 7500 , Global 6500 and Global 5500

Bombardier Challenger

Challenger aircraft stand as the top-tier choice among the world’s elite corporate flight departments and charter operators. Delve deeper to uncover the ideal Challenger business jet tailored to your requirements.

Aircraft include the Challenger 3500, Challenger 650 , Challenger 350 and Challenger 300

"Overall, the service provided by Unique Jets, the crew, and the staff at both Farnborough and Porto airports was exemplary. The Citation M2 proved to be the perfect aircraft for such transfers. Admittedly, it was a bit challenging in strong winds, but that's a trade-off with lighter aircraft, I suppose! I would undoubtedly opt for Unique Jets' service in the future."

Ashton Coates

"Die Challenger 300 ist ein hervorragendes Flugzeug. Unique Jets hat uns vorzüglich betreut, und die Besatzungen auf beiden Flügen waren außerordentlich gut."


"Tout s'est déroulé sans accroc, j'apprécie l'effort du capitaine pour nous amener à temps à notre destination. Je réserverai à nouveau plus tard cet été !"


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I travel anywhere on a private jet?

Essentially, private jets offer nearly limitless destinations. If there’s an airstrip, your small private jet can touch down. Embarking on a private jet journey provides a blend of luxury and convenience, delivering an extraordinary airborne experience.

Do you have to go through customs if you have a private jet?

If you’re considering travel via private jet, don’t anticipate a seamless pass through customs. Be ready to undergo the same procedures as all other travelers. Customs clearance remains a requisite for entry into any country, even when journeying on a private aircraft.

What documents do you need to fly private jet?

When journeying domestically on a private jet, a passport may not be necessary. However, bear in mind that certain private jet operators may insist on a form of government-issued photo ID, like a driver’s license or national ID card, for security validation.