ST Gallen, Switzerland

Nestled within the eastern Swiss canton of the same name, St. Gallen is a charming city with a rich history and a diverse cultural offering that continuously captivates travelers from around the globe. With a beautiful old town that is home to a listed UNESCO World Heritage site, and surrounded by natural beauty of rolling hills, the city uniquely combines prominent landmarks, distinct gastronomy, engaging entertainment venues, and an unrivaled Swiss lifestyle, making it an attractive holiday destination.


St. Gallen’s history traces back to 7th century AD when the Irish monk Gallus established a hermitage that later grew into the Abbey of St. Gall. Throughout its history, the city has been a significant religious and educational center. In the Middle Ages, St. Gallen was known for its flourishing textile industry. Nowadays, it is the hub of Eastern Switzerland, offering a unique mixture of tradition and innovation, with its famous university and bustling start-up scene.



1. The Abbey of St. Gall: This World Heritage site includes the Cathedral and Abbey Library, containing one of the world’s most significant collections of ancient texts.
2. Old Town: Wander around the cobbled streets looking at the iconic oriel windows and historic houses.
3. Textile Museum: Discover the city’s rich textile history with exhibits ranged from ancient textile art to modern design trends.
4. Botanical Garden: This garden houses a variety of regional and Alpine plants.
5. Red Square: A modern public space, where art meets architecture in a stunning display.
6. Wildpark Peter and Paul: A zoo where you can observe native animals in their natural habitat.
7. The Mausoleum: An impressive neoclassical building that serves as the final resting place for several prominent residents.
8. Art Museum St. Gallen: A destination for art lovers showcasing a collection from the late Middle Ages to contemporary pieces.
9. St. Gallen’s Natural History Museum: See a variety of Swiss floras and faunas on display.
10. Drei Weieren: The iconic public bathing area with large outdoor pools and panoramic views of the city.



1. Restaurant Candela: Offers exquisite European dishes with vegan options in a cozy ambiance.
2. Attika: Known for Greek and Mediterranean delicacies.
3. Gasthaus zur Fernsicht: Experience superior Swiss cuisine in a Michelin-star restaurant.
4. Lokal: An urban eatery serving seasonal local dishes.
5. Restaurant Schlossli: Offering traditional Swiss dishes infused with modern touches.
6. Focacceria: The destination for authentic Italian focaccia and antipasti.
7. La Vigna: Luxurious Italian dining with an extensive wine list.
8. Schaukäserei St. Gallen: A local favorite, for its traditional Swiss cheese fondue.
9. Krebsegg: Known for its hearty meals and picturesque garden views.
10. Restaurant Falkenburg: Offers panoramic views of the city and a gourmet menu.



1. Bar 1910: Known for its cocktails and historic ambiance.
2. Bar am Stein: Enjoy the live music and fine whiskey selection.
3. Bar Picasso: A popular spot loved for its vibrant atmosphere and artwork.
4. Schwarz Weiss Bar: A classic bar offering signature and innovative cocktails.
5. Barococo: Known for its lively atmosphere and weekend DJ sets.
6. Bar Gelb: A craft beer bar with unique brews on tap.
7. Barone: A welcoming wine bar offering Swiss and international wines.
8. Bar Apok: Offers a varied selection of local and international beers.
9. Frösch Bar: A jazz bar that combines great live bands with a creative drinks menu.
10. Verkörpert Bar: An artisanal cocktail bar, that’s perfect for intimate nights out.



1. St. Gallen Opera House: Experience world-class performances in this historic theater.
2. The Palace: A popular nightlife venue known for its great atmosphere and music.
3. Kinok: A contemporary indie cinema showing a mix of mainstream and arthouse films.
4. MUCHO GUSTO: A Latin dance school is offering a variety of dance lessons.
5. Locomotive Club: Hosts live performances from local and international indie bands.
6. Grabenhalle: A venue for unique cultural events ranging from concerts to cabarets.
7. Camera Club: A well-known spot for photography enthusiasts, hosting regular exhibitions.
8. Granitz Concert Hall: Has a year-round calendar of classical and contemporary concerts.
9. The Theater St. Gallen: Known to host plays, musicals, ballets, and concerts.
10. St. Gallen Casino: Offers popular games in a sophisticated setting.


Living in St. Gallen

1. Old Town: Cherished for its picturesque settings, historic buildings, shopping streets, and markets.
2. Bruggen: A vibrant neighborhood known for its nightlife, restaurants, and younger crowd.
3. Rotmonten: Popular for its proximity to nature, quiet ambiance, and beautiful homes.
4. St. Fiden: A bustling area with a perfect blend of urban and suburban living.
5. St. Georgen: Particularly loved for its quaint charm, green space, and panoramic city views.



St. Gallen is a city where the past and the present seamlessly merge into a unique setting – a destination that caters to both history buffs and modern adventurers alike. Its rich heritage, diverse cultural scene, modern restaurants and bars, energetic nightlife, and beautiful landscapes make it an absolute must-visit for every traveler. From wandering in the Old Town, exploring the serene Botanical Garden, dining in top-tier restaurants, to engaging in energetic entertainment scenes, there’s a bit of magic waiting for every vacation preference in St. Gallen. It isn’t merely a city to visit; it’s a lifestyle to experience.

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