Samedan, Switzerland

Located high up in the Swiss Engadine Valley, Samedan is a charming and historical alpine village. Verdant in the summer and snowy in the winter, there is no shortage of breathtaking landscapes and outdoor adventures in this quaint mountain paradise. It’s a place of tranquility and natural beauty that offers a special blend of Swiss heritage, from its traditional Engadine architecture to the richness of its age-old cuisines.


The history of Samedan is rooted in its agricultural past, dating back to the 12th century. Known as the oldest village in the valley, it’s steeped in tradition and rich in culture with many original structures still in use today. Historically, Samedan was a major transit point for trade routes linking Italy and Germany, giving it an importance beyond its relatively small size. Additionally, Samedan has long been a residential area of the upper class, whose influence is seen in the stunning villas scattered throughout the town.



1. Samedan Church Tower – Dominating the Samedan horizon with its steep slope rooftop, the church tower is an iconic symbol of the town’s rich history.

2. Engadine Museum – A journey into the lifestyle and culture of the Upper Engadine people, it is a must-visit for history buffs.

3. Mineralbad & Spa Samedan – Boasting spectacular architectural design, this spa offers unmatched relaxation in a stunning setting.

4. Lake Lej Marsch – A heavenly oasis just outside the town, the perfect spot for a picnic amidst the splendour of nature.

5. Survihütte Ski Lift – A hub for winter sports with striking panoramic vistas of the Swiss Alps.

6. Crasta Mornera – A tranquil venue that provides walking paths with an array of beautiful mountain flowers.

7. Val Roseg – A scenic valley with an abundance of outdoor activities including hiking and horse-drawn carriage rides.

8. Luftseilbahn Samedan – Survihütte – The cable car offers the most spectacular aerial view of the town.

9. The Swiss National Park – A quick drive from Samedan, it offers untouched alpine forests and a chance to spot local wildlife.

10. Engadiner Flugmuseum – An intriguing aviation museum for those interested in the history of flight.



1. La Padella – A paradise for those celebrating rustic Italian cuisine, it offers homemade pasta and an extensive wine selection.

2. Crasta – A dining venue situated on Samedan’s ski slopes, perfect for enjoying a meal in a mountain setting.

3. Pitzock – Renowned for fondue and other regional fares, this eatery is in a charming old house with cozy interiors.

4. Restaurant Bever Lodge – The cuisine is a mixture of traditional Swiss and modern fusion dishes.

5. La Stöva – A place where you can enjoy the Swiss culinary tradition with an innovative twist.

6. Golf Restaurant – Located at the golf club, it provides lighter fare and stunning views.

7. Samedan Club Stube – Small and intimate, this place offers a secluded setting for those looking for privacy.

8. Restaurant Cadillac – Specialized in mouth-watering BBQ and burgers.

9. La Stüvetta – A luxury dining experience that serves gourmet European dishes.

10. Restaurant Bellavista – Here, you can pair exquisite international dishes with panoramic mountain views.



1. Bar Atelier Visconti – Renowned for its cocktails, it provides an intimate and sophisticated setting.

2. Smokers Lounge – A haven for cigar connoisseurs, providing an impressive collection of craft beers.

3. Crona Lounge Bar – Located in Bernina Croce Bianca hotel, it’s a gorgeous place to unwind after a busy day.

4. Nino Bisanzio Bar – A popular local hangout with characterful interiors and a welcoming atmosphere.

5. Fluela Bar – Located in a former stable, it offers a selection of whiskey in a rustic setting.

6. Café Giardino – Known for its coffee, it also offers a small selection of wines and local craft beers.

7. Chesa Derby Bar – Great for a pre-dinner drink, its terrace offers beautiful views of the valley.

8. 1633 Roastery & Distillery – An artisan coffee roastery and distillery that provides a rich sensory adventure.

9. Mountain Lodge Bar – The place to enjoy a relaxing drink amidst the awe-inspiring mountainous landscapes.

10. Bar Arcas – An architectural gem serving both coffee and alcoholic drinks in a distinctively modern setting.



1. Engadiner Flugmuseum – Experience the history of aviation in Engadine, a fun and educational trip.

2. Mountain Bike Tour – Embark on an adventure across beautiful trails in the Swiss Alps.

3. Survihütte Ski Lift – Ski down beautiful alpine slopes while enjoying stunning views of the surroundings.

4. Music and Concerts – Enjoy the performances at the local music venues like Amadeus in Samedan or Dracula Club in nearby St. Moritz.

5. Coleccion Garagesn – Visit the private car museum for a unique insight into classic cars.

6. Horse-drawn Carriage Ride – Explore the beautiful landscape of Val Roseg to experience sheer alpine splendour.

7. Golf Club Samedan – Enjoy a game at this scenic golf course, the oldest on the continent.

8. Mineralbad & Spa Samedan – Indulge in a wellness day at this wonderfully serene and architecturally stunning spa.

9. Ice Skating and Curling – Try the local winter activities in the town’s sports stadium.

10. Hiking In Val Roseg – Experience the beauty of the great outdoors in the exquisite alpine setting of Val Roseg.


Living in Samedan

1. Samedan Village Center – The heart and soul of the town with a host of amenities, offering an authentic Swiss Alps experience.

2. Survihütte Area – Perfect for those seeking an active lifestyle with direct access to outdoor sports such as hiking and skiing.

3. Village of Crasta – A quiet area with stunning villas that reveal the charm and sophistication of this high-altitude village.

4. Val Saluver – A picturesque area just outside Samedan, known for its beautiful homes and serene environment.

5. Bever Lodge – A luxurious residential area offering premium services, perfect for classy living in the Swiss Alps.



Samedan is a delightful mix of history, landscape, and culture nestled high up in the Swiss Alps. From its traditional Engadine homes to its array of outdoor activities, it offers a worthwhile escape from mundane city life. It is not just a place, but an experience that reveals the enriching layers of Swiss heritage and lifestyle. For those seeking a perfect balance of peace, adventure, culture, and sophistication, there’s no other destination quite like Samedan.

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