Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, the heart of Europe and the capital of the Czech Republic, is one of the world’s most picturesque cities. Known for its deep-rooted history, stunning architecture, and distinctive brews, it promises a different kind of adventure to every visitor. Split into districts, each part of town offers a unique vibe, making it a heaven for explorers.

History of Prague

The City of a Hundred Spires, as Prague is widely known, dates back over a thousand years. Established during the Gothic and Renaissance eras, the city’s past consists of periods of prosperity and gloom. While the reign of Charles IV (14th century) made it a cultural hotspot, the 20th century saw it through World War II and Communist rule. Today, amid a rich historical landscape, Prague stands as a thriving, vibrant city steeped in fascinating narratives.



1. Prague Castle: This iconic structure offers a mix of architectural styles, reflecting centuries of its existence. The landscape includes St. Vitus Cathedral, old royal palace and gardens.

2. Charles Bridge: Adorned with 30 baroque-style statues, this 14th-century pedestrian bridge connects the Old Town to Lesser Town, offering panoramic city views.

3. Old Town Square: Home to the Astronomical Clock, the vibrant square is surrounded by various architectural styles and is a hub for festivities.

4. Vrtba Garden: A stunning Baroque garden offering serene views over Prague’s rooftops.

5. Vyšehrad Castle: A fortress on a hilltop, it showcases breathtaking views of the Vltava River and cityscape.

6. Dancing House: A contemporary architectural marvel, reflecting a dancing couple.

7. Jewish Quarter: Evocative remnants of Prague’s Jewish history, including synagogues and a cemetery.

8. Petřín Hill: With a mini Eiffel Tower at the top and landscaped gardens, this hill is perfect for a picnic or an evening stroll.

9. The Lennon Wall: Known for its ever-changing graffiti, it became a symbol of peace and freedom in the ’80s.

10. Wenceslas Square: A bustling strip with shops, eateries, and a significant national museum.



1. La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise: Exemplifying Czech cuisine in a stylish ambiance.

2. Kampa Park: An exquisite riverside spot with a reputation for fine dining. Meat and seafood dishes are its specialties.

3. Field: A Michelin-starred restaurant offering imaginative culinary creations in a modern setting.

4. Coda Restaurant: Housed in a music-themed hotel, this place offers a real gastronomic symphony.

5. Eská: An authentic Bohemian restaurant nestled in the core of Prague.

6. Café Savoy: A grand café renowned for its traditional Czech pastries.

7. Terasa U Zlaté Studně: Offering panoramic city views and serving Czech & international cuisine.

8. Portfolio Restaurant: Known for its neo-gourmet food, the best in international and Czech modern cuisine.

9. Lokál Dlouhááá: Serving traditional Czech food and fresh Pilsner in a rustic atmosphere.

10. Bellevue: Combines Czech and international cuisine and offers spectacular Prague Castle views.



1. Black Angel’s Bar: Known for its 1930s-style and classic cocktails.

2. Hemingway Bar: Specialty cocktails inspired by Ernest Hemingway.

3. U Kunštátů: Offers an extensive range of craft beers in a cozy setting.

4. Tretter’s: An iconic bar frequented by Czech celebrities, known for its cocktails.

5. Vinograf: A sleek wine bar offering a selection of local and international wines.

6. Cash Only Bar: From the Hemingway Bar team, this spot prioritizes cash and quality booze.

7. The Rooftop Bar: Panoramic views and outstanding cocktails are the highlights.

8. Parlour: An intimate cocktail bar with an unlisted address.

9. U Fleků: A traditional Czech pub and brewery with a history that dates back to 1499.

10. Malostranská Pivnice: A typical Czech beer hall serving local dishes.



1. Laterna Magika: Prague’s unique non-verbal theatre experience.

2. Prague National Theatre: Catch opera, ballet, or drama in this iconic 19th-century theatre.

3. Rudolfinum: A neo-Renaissance building housing the Czech Philharmonic & art exhibitions.

4. Jazz Dock: A venue offering a mix of jazz, funk, and blues.

5. Letní Letná: A late summer festival featuring contemporary circus and theatre.

6. Lucerna Music Bar: Catch Czech and international bands at this premier Prague venue.

7. MeetFactory: A combination of music, theatre, and contemporary art exhibitions in an industrial setting.

8. Mirror Chapel of Clementinum: Periodic classical concerts in a chapel with a unique organ.

9. Karlovy Lázně: Central Europe’s largest nightclub, housed in a 15th-century bathhouse.

10. Palác Akropolis: A multi-genre theatre, club, café, and gallery in one.


Living in Prague

1. Old Town (Staré Město): The tourist heart of Prague, living here means easy access to historical sights and buzzing nightlife.

2. Lesser Town (Malá Strana): For those who want to live among the locals with unique architecture and cobblestone streets.

3. New Town (Nové Město): Centrally-located living, with a mix of commercial and residential areas, it offers good value.

4. Vinohrady: Known for its expatriate community and vibrant restaurant scene.

5. Prague 1: Combines the Old and New Towns and parts of Lesser Town, offering a mix of prestige and convenience.



Whether you’re a history buff, an architecture enthusiast, a foodie, a beer lover, or someone in search of unique cultural experiences, Prague has something for everyone. Its enchanting beauty, the warmth of its people, and its timeless charm will stay with you long after you’ve taken your leave. For its mesmerising mix of the old and new, Prague is a must-visit destination for all.