Oxford, United Kingdom


Oxford, England, renowned for its prestigious university, is also a destination brimming with historic landmarks and vibrant culture. Nestled in the heart of England, this city is a charming combination of medieval architecture, picturesque parks, thriving pubs, and world-class museums. This guide provides insider knowledge on its history, landmarks, culinary credentials, nightlife, entertainment and residential districts.


Oxford’s history is as rich and intricate as the city itself. People have lived in the area since the 9th century. Its name, originating from ‘Oxenaforda’, means a ford for oxen. The University of Oxford, established in the 12th century, contributed significantly to the city’s growth and popularity. Oxford was an important center of the English Civil War and later gained recognition during the Industrial Revolution. Over centuries, the city has maintained its historic charm while integrating modern elements.


1. **University of Oxford**: Visit the world’s second oldest university that has educated countless global leaders. Take in the inspiring architecture, especially the ivy-covered, dreamy spires.

2. **Bodleian Library**: It’s among the world’s oldest libraries. Don’t miss the awe-inspiring Duke Humfrey’s Library.

3. **Radcliffe Camera**: This stunning 18th-century rotunda is an iconic part of the Bodleian Library and a must-see landmark.

4. **Ashmolean Museum**: A world-class museum displaying a diverse collection from Egyptian mummies to contemporary art.

5. **Christ Church College**: Known for its awe-inspiring architecture, it’s the setting of the famous Harry Potter’s Hogwarts.

6. **Pitt Rivers Museum**: Housing over 500,000 artifacts, this museum offers an extensive menagerie of global archaeology and ethnography.

7. **Carfax Tower**: Enjoy panoramic city views by climbing to the top of this 23-meter-high tower, the remains of the 13th-century St Martin’s Church.

8. **Bridge of Sighs**: This covered bridge, officially named Hertford Bridge, is an Instagram-favourite spot.

9. **Oxford Castle & Prison**: Uncover stories of imprisonment, execution, and great escapes at this 1000-year-old castle and prison.

10. **Old Parsonage Hotel**: This timeless, luxury hotel doubles up as a landmark – its traditional architecture is striking.


1. **The Magdalen Arms**: A gastropub that’s popular for its hearty, mouth-watering British dishes.

2. **Quod**: Nestled in the Old Bank Hotel with contemporary decor, it serves European culinary classics.

3. **Cherwell Boathouse**: It pairs tempting gourmet dishes with enchanting river views.

4. **The Old Parsonage**: Dine in style in this hotel’s eloquent restaurant, known for its British and Mediterranean cuisine.

5. **The Perch**: A 17th century country pub serving locally-sourced food, perfect for a rustic, English meal.

6. **Oxford Kitchen**: Fine dining at its best, this Michelin-star restaurant offers phenomenal modern British food.

7. **Gee’s**: Delight your palate with Mediterranean-inspired dishes in a Victorian glasshouse setting.

8. **Pierre Victoire**: This quaint bistro offers sumptuous French cuisine at affordable prices.

9. **Kazbar**: A vibrant, tapas-style restaurant known for its Spanish and North African dishes.

10. **Edamame**: Small, unassuming Japanese eatery with a homely ambience and authentic sushi.


1. **The Bear Inn**: A cozy pub dating back to 1242, it’s one of the oldest in Oxford.

2. **The Turf Tavern**: A historic pub, it offers real ale and traditional pub grub in hidden-away premises.

3. **Raoul’s**: Famous for its cocktail list, this vintage-style bar is popular among locals and visitors.

4. **Eagle and Child**: This literary pub was a favourite of writers, including J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.

5. **The Alchemist**: Known for its creative cocktails and trendy decor.

6. **The Jam Factory**: An arts centre, bar, and restaurant – loved for its craft beer and relaxed vibe.

7. **Freud’s**: Located in a former church, it’s quite famous for its cocktails and eclectic atmosphere.

8. **The Duke of Cambridge**: Enjoy organic and sustainably-sourced drinks in this modern, chic pub.

9. **Jericho Tavern**: Known for its lineup of live music acts and a laid-back atmosphere.

10. **1855 Wine Bar**: If wine is your preference, this wine bar and bistro is a must-visit.


1. **New Theatre Oxford**: Hosting an array of shows and performances, such as musicals and comedy shows.

2. **Blenheim Palace**: Tour the magnificent birthplace of Winston Churchill, currently home to the Duke of Marlborough.

3. **Carfax Tower top**: Enjoy a stunning panoramic view of Oxford.

4. **The Story Museum**: Ideal for families, this museum is interactive and packed with storytelling fun.

5. **Cherwell Boat House punt-house**: Try traditional Oxford boating.

6. **Oxford Playhouse**: Catch a play at this independent theater, known for variety and quality.

7. **Escape Hunt**: For an exciting evening, try escaping from one of their themed rooms.

8. **Modern Art Oxford**: Boutique gallery showcasing modern and contemporary art.

9. **Thirsty Meeples**: A fun-filled board game cafe with a library of over 2,500 games.

10. **Ultimate Picture Palace**: Watch an arthouse film at one of England’s oldest cinemas.

**Living in Oxford**

1. **Jericho**: A trendy and lively area, close to the city centre and great for foodies and shoppers.

2. **Summertown**: An affluent suburb, close to the city centre and home to many University of Oxford faculty.

3. **Headington**: Home to Oxford Brookes University. It’s a bustling area with a strong community spirit.

4. **Cowley**: Student-centric, it’s lively with numerous entertainment options.

5. **North Oxford**: An upscale area, it’s popular with families and professionals.


With a blend of rich history, vibrant culture, buzzing nightlife, a thriving intellectual scene, and a food-and-drink offering to rival any city, Oxford has something to offer everyone. Its small size makes it accessible, and each neighbourhood comes with its own unique charm. It’s no wonder why it always leaves visitors spell-bound. Whether you’re a history buff, foodie, or culture vulture, Oxford’s allure is undeniable. Explore and experience this alluring destination and create beautiful memories!

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