Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is an exquisite island paradise located in the eastern Mediterranean region of Spain. Known for its high-energy nightlife, idyllic beaches, beautiful landscapes, historic landmarks, and vibrant cultural scene, Ibiza provides an incredible escape for travelers seeking adventure, leisure, and everything in between. Teeming with diverse locales, it is a must-visit destination that offers unique experiences, from exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Dalt Vila to partying in the island’s world-renowned clubs, there’s truly something for everyone.


The island of Ibiza has a rich and diverse history that dates back to the Bronze Age. It was inhabited by various Mediterranean cultures including the Phoenicians, Romans, Vandals, and Byzantines. Ibiza gained its fame in the mid-20th century when it became a popular destination for hippies. Today, its reputation extends beyond its countercultural roots, emerging as a vanguard for electronic dance music and hosting some of the world’s largest and most famous clubs.



1. Dalt Vila: Discover the magic of Ibiza’s Old Town, Dalt Vila. Standing atop a hill, this ancient fortified town offers stunning panoramic views of the island and is home to picturesque narrow streets, beautiful medieval architecture, and charming local shops.

2. Es Vedrà: This stunning islet located off the coast of Ibiza rises more than 400 meters above the sea and is surrounded by myths and legends. Its surreal beauty makes for mesmerizing sunset views.

3. Cave of Can Marçà: Journey back in time and explore the ancient Cave of Can Marçà, estimated to be over 100,000 years old. The guided tour takes visitors through a network of stalagmites and stalactites, enhanced by a fascinating light show.

4. Las Salinas Salt Flats: A unique and beautiful natural attraction. During summer, water evaporates from the salt fields giving them a pink tint, which serves as a perfect backdrop for some incredible photos.

5. Punta Arabí Hippy Market: A true representation of the island’s bohemian spirit. It’s the perfect place to purchase local crafts, vintage clothes, unique jewelry, and other handcrafted goods.

6. Sant Josep Church: Located in the small rural village of Sant Josep de sa Talaia, this whitewashed church showcases the unique flair of Balearic architecture.

7. Ses Salines Natural Park: A protected ecological zone that spans between southern Ibiza and northern Formentera. It offers visitors a chance to observe countless species of birds and enjoy pristine beaches.

8. Punta De Sa Pedrera: Also known as Atlantis, it’s a hidden beach surrounded by stunning rock formations etched by centuries of quarry work.

9. Passeig de Vara de Rei: This bustling promenade in Ibiza Town is lined with shops, cafes, and statues, including a monument dedicated to the General Joaquín Vara de Rey.

10. Portal de ses Taules: The main gate to the Dalt Vila which showcases a grand entrance flanked by Roman statues.



1. Sa Capella: Housed in an old converted church, this restaurant offers a unique dining atmosphere and a menu that fuses Ibicenco and Mediterranean cuisine.

2. Can Pilot: Renowned for their traditional Spanish barbecue, their succulent, wood-fired meats are a must-try for all foodies.

3. La Paloma Cafe: Surrounded by beautiful gardens, this family-run cafe offers organic Mediterranean-Israeli fusion food made with locally sourced ingredients.

4. Es Boldado: Located by the seaside, it’s famed for its fresh seafood dishes and breath-taking views of Es Vedrà.

5. El Portalon: Situated in a beautifully preserved palacio in Dalt Vila, it’s known for its slow, considered food selection, and excellent wine.

6. Bambuddha: Nestled in the heart of Ibiza, this bamboo-lined restaurant traveler’s fusion culinary journey from Ibiza to Asia.

7. Ca Na Ribes: Established in 1926, this family-run restaurant in Santa Eulària offers traditional Ibizan dishes, including ‘bullit de peix’, a fish and potato stew.

8. Es Torrent: Hidden in a tiny bay, it offers the finest seafood in Ibiza from ‘bullit de peix’ to ‘guisat de peix’, different fish and shellfish stews.

9. Casa Colonial: This elegantly designed restaurant offers exotic, international cuisine with stunning views over the hills of Santa Eulalia.

10. Sunset Ashram: This cliff-top, eco-friendly, boho-chic restaurant is best known for its stunning sunsets, and Mediterranean and Asian recipes.



1. Café del Mar: Famous for its chill-out compilations, enjoy a drink while watching the sun set over the Mediterranean.

2. Pacha: A nightlife institution known worldwide, Pacha offers a sophisticated clubbing experience and signature fruity cocktails.

3. Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel: A beach hotel by day, it transforms into an open-air club by night hosting world-class DJs.

4. Blue Marlin: A perfect blend of beach club and chic bar, it offers premium cocktails and the DJ’s tunes in Cala Jondal bay.

5. Lío Ibiza: This unique club offers a mix of high-quality dining, exotic cocktails, and live cabaret performances.

6. Mambo Ibiza: Situated in San Antonio, it offers an exceptional sunset experience with house music and refreshing cocktails.

7. Savannah Back Bar: A playground for adults with a selection of crafted cocktails, this bar sets the perfect mood for the night of dancing that lies ahead.

8. Tulp Beach Café: A perfect beach bar where you can enjoy a leisurely cocktail, positioned for fantastic sunset views.

9. Bar 1805: Famous for the signature drink, Absinthe, this French-bistro-style bar also offers unusual cocktails and hearty meals.

10. Sunset Ashram: Two-story bohemian bar offering the perfect vantage point to catch Ibiza’s iconic sunset along with eclectic beats and delicious drinks.



1. Pacha: A legendary club with five different rooms catering to different music tastes – this spot guarantees a night you won’t forget.

2. Amnesia: One of the island’s most famous clubs, hosting popular nights like elrow and Music On.

3. Ushuaïa: An open-air club that stages some of the biggest DJs in the world.

4. Privilege Ibiza: Recognized as the world’s biggest club by the Guinness World Records, it’s famed for its spectacular Vista Club.

5. Es Paradis: Known for its stunning, all-white decor and its legendary water parties or ‘Fiestas del Agua’.

6. Space Ibiza: Named as the World’s Best Club four times. A must-visit for hard-core rave enthusiasts.

7. Benimussa Park: Also known as the ‘zoo’, it is famous for hosting the Zoo Project parties, offering several uniquely decorated arenas.

8. Ocean Beach Ibiza: Located in San Antonio, it’s perfect for pool parties, with DJs playing a mix of Balearic beats, vocal house, and chill-out tracks.

9. DC-10: Located near the airport, this club is famous for its underground music scene and Circoloco parties.

10. Ibiza Underground: Small in size but big in reputation, it’s gained notoriety for its distinctive music policy and intimate atmosphere.


Living in Ibiza

1. Ibiza Town: The capital of the island offers a mix of trendy boutiques, vibrant nightlife, rich history, and a charming old town. Ideal for those valuing a blend of traditional and modern lifestyles.

2. Santa Eulalia: Loved for its relaxed seaside charm, this town offers beautiful beaches, an array of restaurants and bars, and a unique cultural scene with art galleries and a marina. A perfect family-friendly location.

3. San Antonio: Known for its fantastic sunsets and energetic nightlife, it also provides quieter, idyllic rural parts – best suited for party-goers who also seek tranquility.

4. Portinatx: This quiet resort town in the north is perfect for those who wish to be closer to nature. It boasts three beautiful beaches and a relaxing pace of life.

5. Formentera: A smaller island south of Ibiza, known for its unspoiled sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, providing a more peaceful lifestyle.



Ibiza offers more than just captivating sunsets and lively parties. It boasts a rich history, diverse culinary experiences, endless entertainment options, and pockets of tranquillity that accommodate varying tastes. Whether you’re a history buff, foodie, party enthusiast or nature lover, Ibiza promises an unforgettable experience that will make you want to revisit time and time again. From living life in the fast lane to enjoying slower-paced, relaxing days, Ibiza truly has it all. Visit Ibiza to experience an unparalleled sense of freedom, celebration, and enjoyment.

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