Dubai, United Arab Emirates


A crown jewel of the Emirates, Dubai is truly a cosmopolitan paradise in the midst of the Arabian Desert. This vibrant city offers an unforgettable blend of modern innovation and timeless tradition; from its breathtaking skyline dominated by the towering Burj Khalifa, luxurious shopping malls, artificial islands, and even indoor ski resorts to its lively souks and historical districts, Dubai has something for everyone.


The history of Dubai dates back to approximately 3000 B.C. Evidence of early human habitation points to the Bronze Age, yet the city truly began to grow as a significant location in the early 18th century when the Al-Falasi tribe established it as a fishing village. In the 19th century, Dubai became an important port of call for merchants, boosted by its prime location on the trade routes. In the 1960s, oil was discovered which propelled the city into its modern phase of development, transforming Dubai into a bustling global hub of trade, finance, and tourism.


1. *Burj Khalifa* – Rising 828 meters, it’s the tallest building in the world and offers a stunning panorama from its observation deck.
2. *Palm Jumeirah* – This man-made palm-shaped island houses luxurious resorts like Atlantis, The Palm.
3. *Burj Al Arab* – Known as the world’s most luxurious hotel, provides guests with a golden opportunity to experience an ultra-luxe lifestyle.
4. *Dubai Mall* – More than just a shopping location, it’s the gateway to Burj Khalifa and houses an ice rink and Dubai Aquarium.
5. *The Dubai Fountain* – The world’s largest choreographed water fountain, it draws in crowds with its mesmerizing water, light, and music shows.
6. *Dubai Creek* – A journey back in time, it showcases the city’s deep-rooted cultural heritage.
7. *Dubai Opera* – A dhow-shaped building, home to many arts and cultural performances from around the world.
8. *Dubai Frame* – Known as the “Biggest Picture Frame on the Planet,” it offers views of both old and new Dubai.
9. *Jumeirah Mosque* – A stunning example of Islamic architecture, it is the only mosque in Dubai open to the public.
10. *Old Dubai / Bastakiya* – A time capsule to Dubai’s history, this district features traditional Arab architecture and a thriving art scene.


1. *Pierchic* – Offering delicious seafood dishes and stunning views of the Burj Al Arab.
2. *Al Dawaar* – Dubai’s only revolving restaurant serving up international cuisine with 360-degree city views.
3. *Zuma* – Located in the financial district, it offers exquisite Japanese dishes in a sophisticated atmosphere.
4. *Al Hadheerah* – Located in the desert, it combines fine Middle Eastern cuisine with traditional music and dance.
5. *Nobu* – An upscale restaurant at Atlantis offering an innovative fusion of Japanese and Peruvian.
6. *Eauzone* – With beachside dining, it combines Asian and Mediterranean dishes for an unforgettable dining experience.
7. *Tom&Serg* – A Melbourne-inspired café serves excellent coffee and delightful meals in a casual setting.
8. *Armani Amal* – Offers traditional Indian cuisine with contemporary style at the foot of the Burj Khalifa.
9. *Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara* – Feast on sumptuous seafood dishes in its stunning underwater setting.
10. *La Petite Maison* – Located in DIFC, this vibrant restaurants offers a taste of the French Riviera.


1. *Gold On 27* – Located in Burj Al Arab, this opulent, golden bar offers deluxe cocktails with stunning views.
2. *Pier 7* – A multi-story dining destination offering different lounge and bar options on each floor with a fantastic view of the marina.
3. *Neos* – This luxurious lounge showcases panoramic vistas of the city from the 63rd floor.
4. *Vault* – Situated on the top floors of the JW Marriot Marquis, it offers a comprehensive selection of beverages along with a view of the Dubai skyline.
5. *Barasti* – An award-winning beach bar that offers live music, food, and beach games.
6. *Bar 44* – A circular bar which offers 360 views of Dubai, located on the 44th floor of Grosvenor House Towers.
7. *Skyview Bar* – A luxurious spot for afternoon tea and cocktails in the Burj Al Arab.
8. *Iris* – This open-air lounge provides beautiful views of the city and the Burj Khalifa.
9. *360°* – As the name suggests, it offers remarkable cityscape views on a sea-facing horizon.
10. *Cavalli Club* – An upscale nightclub launched by the Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, featuring lavish interior design and chic cocktails.


1. *Dubai Desert Safari* – Experience dune bashing, camel riding, and traditional Arabic entertainment.
2. *Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo* – Located in Dubai Mall, it’s a vibrant, educational, and fun experience.
3. *IMG Worlds of Adventure* – The world’s largest indoor theme park full of heart-pounding rides and attractions.
4. *Skydive Dubai* – For adrenaline junkies, provides breathtaking aerial views of the city.
5. *Ski Dubai* – An indoor ski resort offering snowboarding, penguin encounters, and more.
6. *Dubai Dolphinarium* – Enjoy dolphin and seal shows, as well as indoor bird displays and more.
7. *Motiongate Dubai* – A Hollywood-inspired theme park with rides and attractions based on iconic films.
8. *Dubai Miracle Garden* – A beautiful garden that displays millions of blooming flowers in various artistic designs.
9. *Jumeirah Beach* – Offers a variety of watersports, sunbathing, and beachside dining.
10. *La Mer* – A beachfront hotspot with boutique shopping, gourmet dining, and quirky art.

**Living in Dubai**

1. *Downtown Dubai* – Known as “The Centre of Now,” featuring top attractions like the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Fountain and the Burj Khalifa.
2. *Dubai Marina* – A modern and high-end area filled with stunning skyscrapers, a beautiful marina, and a beach.
3. *Jumeirah* – A residential area with a serene atmosphere, ideal for families and home to the stunning Jumeirah Beach.
4. *Palm Jumeirah* – Known for its palm tree shape, it offers luxury waterfront living with an amazing view of the Persian Gulf.
5. *Al Barsha* – With a more local and traditional feel, it offers a quieter lifestyle while being home to Mall of the Emirates and Ski Dubai.


Rich in heritage, packed with awe-inspiring attractions, and renowned for its fast-paced growth, Dubai is truly a wonder of the Middle East. So whether you’re exploring the dynamic cityscape, enjoying exquisite dining, shopping to your heart’s content, or simply reveling in the luxury that the city is renowned for, Dubai guarantees an unforgettable experience. For modern thrill-seekers, history buffs, gourmets, and shopaholics alike, Dubai is a must-visit destination.

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