Courchevel, a small yet wildly popular French Alpine village, is most renowned for its part in the world’s biggest ski area, the Trois Vallees. With over 600km of pistes accessible from the village, its ski runs cater to everyone from beginners to advanced level skiers and snowboarders. However, Courchevel is not just a winter wonderland. It also shines in the summer with its breathtaking mountain views, outdoor activities including hiking, mountain biking, and climbing, as well as its cultural and gastronomic experiences on offer.


The history of Courchevel is significantly tied to World War II. It was conceived by the French government in 1942 as part of a project to develop tourism in the French Alps, creating jobs and stimulating the economy in a post-war era. The first ski lift was installed in 1946 and from there the village grew rapidly into the challenging ski slopes and sophisticated resort we know today. Its high-end reputation was solidified in the 1990s as luxury hotels and chalets began being built catering to an affluent clientele.


1. *La Saulire*: This summit offers stunning panoramic 360° views where you can gaze over the majestic Vanoise glacier on a clear day. It’s accessible by cable car and also marks the launch point for one of the resort’s steepest ski runs.

2. *Saint-Bon-Tarentaise Church*: This beautiful baroque church dates back to the 17th Century and is worth a visit for its impressive frescoes and detailed woodwork.

3. *Alpine Ski Museum*: Located in Le Praz, it provides an insight into the history and development of the ski industry in Courchevel.

4. *Michelin Starred Restaurants*: Courchevel boasts seven Michelin-starred restaurants, which are attractions in their own right.

5. *The Ski Jumping Hill*: This Olympic-sized hill at Le Praz offers spectacular views and is a renowned training center for French ski jumpers.

6. *Parc National de la Vanoise*: As France’s first national park, it is home to an extensive range of flora and fauna. It’s a perfect destination for hiking, with routes suitable for all levels.

7. *Courchevel Le Praz*: The original village of Courchevel is a charming, quaint area with narrow cobbled streets and traditional Savoyard houses that have been transformed into chic boutiques and eateries.

8. *Courchevel Moriond*: This is a quieter part of Courchevel offering a more relaxed atmosphere with plenty of family-friendly amenities.

9. *Luxury Designer Boutiques*: Ranging from Chanel to Louis Vuitton, these high-end stores cater to the luxury clientele that frequent Courchevel.

10. *Aquamotion*: The largest European water park in the mountains, offering activities from climbing walls to surfing simulators, ideal for non-ski days.


1. *La Table du Kilimandjaro*: Rated with two Michelin stars, offering a creative menu and an impressive wine list.

2. *Le Chabichou*: Another two-star Michelin restaurant, serving innovative French cuisine in a beautiful Alpine setting.

3. *La Saulire*: Famous for its delicate yet hearty Savoyard cuisine, it offers breathtaking views from its terrace.

4. *Cap Horn*: Known for being a top lunch spot on the mountain with an extensive seafood-focused menu.

5. *Le Coin Savoyard*: Traditional Alpine restaurant serving generous Savoyard specialities.

6. *Bistrot du Praz*: Unfussy French and Italian dishes using high-quality, regional products.

7. *La Cave des Lys*: Offers a memorable dining experience within the caves of Lys accompanied by an impressive wine cellar.

8. *Tournier Restaurant*: Offers a combination of Mediterranean and Savoyard flavours.

9. *Le Zinc*: Provides a chic, relaxed atmosphere combined with innovative dishes.

10. *L’Elephant*: Known for being the best Thai restaurant in Courchevel with authentic Asian offerings.


1. *Le Cap Horn*: Boasts a private beach area and daily DJ performances making it a top spot for après-ski.

2. *Namu*: Known for live performances, fun cocktails and dancing accompanied by panoramic views.

3. *Fire and Ice Bar*: A unique bar concept where a large fire pit contrasts with ice sculptures to create a memorable ambiance.

4. *Jack’s Bar*: A lively night spot with regular live music performances.

5. *La Grange*: A cosy venue serving cocktails and drinks in a rustic barn-like setting.

6. *Bar Le Tremplin*: Popular for its buzzing terrace scene where people gather for drinks after a day’s skiing.

7. *2100 Bar*: A sophisticated rooftop bar providing stunning views over the Alps.

8. *The Bubble Bar*: A lively bar with nightly DJ sets in the Hotel des Trois Vallées.

9. *Le White Bar*: Known for elaborate cocktails and DJ performances in a white-themed decor.

10. *L’Equipe*: A sports bar with an extensive beer selection and pool tables.


1. *Ice Karting*: Try something different with an adrenaline-filled ice karting experience.

2. *Aquamotion*: This aquatic center boasts indoor and outdoor pools, surf waves, a climbing wall, and a wellness area.

3. *Ice Skating*: The open-air ice skating rink in Courchevel 1850 is a fun family activity.

4. *Snowmobile Tours*: Join a guided exploration of the panoramic views around Courchevel by snowmobile during twilight.

5. *Cinema Les Ecrins*: Catch the latest films in this cosy cinema in Courchevel 1850.

6. *Hang Out*: An indoor activity center providing bowling, games and a pool area.

7. *Mountain Biking*: With many marked trails, mountain biking is a popular summer activity.

8. *Hot Air Balloon Ride*: Enjoy bird’s-eye views of the stunning Alpine landscapes from a hot air balloon.

9. *Paragliding*: Experience the thrill of paragliding over the Alps.

10. *Spa Visage et Corps*: Relax with a spa day at this luxurious wellness center.

**Living in Courchevel**

1. *Courchevel 1850*: The highest and most famous resort, with luxury hotels, fine dining, designer boutiques, and direct ski-in/ski-out access to the slopes.

2. *Courchevel Moriond 1650*: Quiet and sunny with plenty of lifts, favoured by families for its relaxed atmosphere and wide range of holiday apartments.

3. *Courchevel Village 1550*: Has retained its mountain village character while providing easy access to the extravagant amenities of 1850 via the gondola.

4. *Courchevel Le Praz 1300*: Filled with charm, offering tree-lined runs, affordable accommodation and a sleepy village atmosphere.

5. *La Tania*: A modern resort in a beautiful forest setting, perfect for families and groups seeking tranquillity and affordable accommodation options.


Courchevel provides an unparalleled experience with its world-class skiing, luxury accommodations, rich cultural history, and exquisite dining. Whether you’re a snow sports enthusiast, a foodie, a lover of breathtaking landscapes, or seeking luxury shopping, you will be charmed by what Courchevel has to offer. It’s truly a destination where alpine tradition is combined with modern comfort and luxury, making it an irresistible destination for all types of travellers.

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