Cannes, France

Bienvenue à Cannes! This beautiful sun-soaked destination on France’s glittering Côte d’Azur is best known for its international film festival, glamorous boutiques, and sandy beaches. Cannes is truly the jewel of the Mediterranean and glistens with charm, elegance, and cultural richness.


The city of Cannes has an interesting historical imprint. The Ligurians, an ancient Indo-European people, were likely the first settlers in this area. Later, the Romans occupied the region until the fall of the Roman Empire. But the modern history of Cannes started around the 10th century when the region became a fishing village. Gradually, it grew into the glamorous Mediterranean resort it is today, with the pinnacle of its global importance being the creation of Cannes Film Festival in 1946.



1. Palais des Festivals – This iconic building is the heart of the internationally acclaimed Cannes Film Festival. It offers guided tours, showcasing its history and bustling contemporary significance.
2. La Croisette – This world-renowned promenade is lined with palm trees, chic boutiques, shoreline restaurants, and luxury hotels.
3. Le Suquet – The old town of Cannes, featuring narrow winding streets, charming houses, and a fantastic panorama over the bay from the top.
4. Musée de la Castre – This museum offers a rich collection of primitive arts, Mediterranean antiques and traditional musical instruments from all over the world.
5. Îles de Lérins – These enchanting islands offer beautiful natural landscapes, histories of the Man in the Iron Mask, and the ancient Abbaye de Lérins.
6. Marché Forville – Cannes’ main market is a wonderful place to experience the taste and atmosphere of Provence.
7. Musée de la Mer – Located on the Île Sainte-Marguerite, this museum displays maritime artifacts, Roman shipwrecks, and historical remnants of the prison.
8. Villa Domergue – An art deco mansion that hosts numerous events and art exhibitions.
9. Notre-Dame de l’Espérance – This 16th-century church offers stunning views of the port and bay.
10. Casino Croisette – A lively venue that provides endless gaming experiences and entertainment.



Cannes is known for its top-tier dining experiences, including:

1. La Palme d’Or – This two-Michelin-starred restaurant at Hotel Martinez offers a gourmet voyage along the Mediterranean inspired by the world of cinema.
2. Le Park 45 – Serving modern French cuisine, this Michelin-starred restaurant offers beautiful garden views.
3. Da Laura – This popular Italian trattoria is famous for its homemade pasta.
4. La Môme – One of the city’s best-kept secrets, La Môme offers a comprehensive menu ranging from grilled meats to sushi.
5. Felix – Located on the Croisette, this beach restaurant is the perfect spot for seafood lovers.
6. La Table du Chef – A small and intimate restaurant offering a unique concept of a single 4-course set menu that changes daily.
7. Le Roof – This rooftop restaurant and beach club of Five Seas Hotel offers breathtaking views of the city and sea.
8. Astoux et Brun – Known for its traditional approach to seafood, this place is a favorite among locals.
9. Le Comptoir de la Mer – A high-end seafood bistro for those who love dishes inspired by the sea.
10. La Piazza – This cozy patio restaurant offers delicious Italian cuisine accompanied by a Montmartre-like atmosphere.



Cannes also hosts a vibrant nightlife. Some gems include:

1. Le Bar l’Amiral – This classy bar, located in the Hotel Martinez, is known for its glamour and delicious cocktails.
2. Charly’s Bar – A true Cannes institution, it has a warm atmosphere and a wide range of wines.
3. Le Baoli – Mixing a restaurant, lounge, and nightclub, it’s the go-to spot for glamorous party nights.
4. Morrison’s Lounge – This Irish pub serves excellent beer and often features live music.
5. Chrystie – A trendy cocktail bar with an innovative drink menu.
6. Le Tube – A stylish and vibrant bar with an industrial theme and DJ-led dance nights.
7. Bâoli Beach Club – A daytime beach bar that transitions into a lively club at night.
8. Les Marches Club – An upscale nightclub just across from the Palais des Festivals.
9. Le Ghost Pub – Serves a great selection of craft beers in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
10. La Chunga – A legendary club in Cannes offering live music, champagne, and dancing until the early hours.



Cannes offers entertainment venues that match its glamour:

1. Opéra de Nice – Just a short drive from Cannes, it offers impressive operatic and orchestral performances.
2. Théâtre Debussy – This contemporary auditorium hosts various music recitals and screenings.
3. Théâtre Alexandre III (T.A.I.) – A small traditional theatre loved by locals.
4. Cinema Olympia – The main cinema house showcasing everything from blockbusters to indie movies.
5. MJC Picaud – A cultural centre offering concerts, art exhibitions, theatre shows and more.
6. Le Studio 13 – This cinema theatre often showcases overlooked gems of French cinema.
7. Casinos Barrière – These offer various games and entertainment options along with grand theatrical performances.
8. Nightclubs on La Croisette – Several clubs located on Cannes’ main boulevard offer an unforgettable night out.
9. Boat tours – Dozens of companies offer boat tours to discover the beauty of the French Riviera from the sea.
10. Jogging routes along the coast – It’s a leisurely way to enjoy the natural beauty of Cannes, suitable for all fitness enthusiasts.


Living in Cannes

Cannes is not only a great place to visit but also to live. Here are five best areas:

1. La Croisette – It is the equivalent of Hollywood’s Rodeo Drive, with luxury apartments offering stunning sea views, fashionable streets and top-notch restaurants.
2. Le Suquet (Old Town) – This residential area is full of character and charm, plus offers breathtaking views over the city.
3. La Californie – One of the most luxurious neighborhoods, with many properties having both sea views and a beautiful garden.
4. Petit Juas – A quieter residential area with lots of trees and gardens, a great choice for families.
5. La Bocca – Known for its beaches, it is also the multicultural hub of the city with a bustling food and marketplace.



Cannes offers an ideal blend of history, culture, and luxury. This paradise on the French Riviera has more than its fair share of glamor but it’s the city’s charm, fine dining experiences, beautiful landscapes, stunning architecture and warm climate that truly enchant its visitors. Whether you’re looking for world-class entertainment, exquisite food or just a chance to soak up the Mediterranean sun, there is no better choice than Cannes.

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