Bergen, Norway


Bergen, the second-largest city in Norway, invites explorers with its mountainous landscapes, vibrant culture, and historical significance. Breath-taking fjords, timber houses, and a bustling fishing market characterize this Nordic gem. Rich in natural beauty and distinctive architecture, Bergen offers a unique blend of adventure, gastronomy, and culture.


Bergen’s foundation dates back to the 11th century and carries the honor of being the former capital of Norway. Bergen was the center of trade between Norway and the rest of Europe for several centuries. The iconic neighbourhood of Bryggen, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, stands as a testament to the city’s Hanseatic era, housing buildings dating back to the 1700s.


1. *Bryggen*: Bryggen is the city’s oldest neighborhood featuring Hanseatic merchant buildings. Explore its picturesque cobbled streets and get a sense of life in medieval times.

2. *Fløyen Mountain*: Take the funicular ride or trek up the Fløyen Mountain to enjoy panoramic views over the city.

3. *Bergen Aquarium*: Home to penguins, seals, and a variety of fish, the Bergen Aquarium offers education and entertainment particularly for families with children.

4. *Bergen Maritime Museum*: The museum displays a stirring voyage through Norway’s maritime past, showcasing ancient Viking ships and modern-day exploratory vessels.

5. *Fish Market*: A dynamic spot packed with seafood vendors, selling everything from king crab to caviar.

6. *Old Bergen Museum*: This open-air museum captures the visual history of Bergen through its old wooden houses and well-preserved interiors.

7. *Bergen Fortress*: Comprising two main castles, the Fortress is a significant military history site.

8. *Bergen Cathedral*: Known for its beautiful stained glass windows, this Cathedral is a striking representation of Gothic architecture.

9. *Troldhaugen*: The former home of famous composer Edvard Grieg, today serves as a dedicated museum and concert venue.

10. *Rosenkrantz Tower*: Deemed Bergen’s oldest and most important defensive monument, the tower provides a remarkable view of the harbor.


1. *Enhjorningen*: A high-quality seafood restaurant offering a pleasant culinary experience in Bryggen’s antique interiors.

2. *Colonialen*: A modern, upscale bistro serving innovative yet comforting dishes.

3. *Restaurant 1877*: Readjusted from what used to be Kjøttbasaren, this restaurant offers contemporary Norwegian chefs’ table experience.

4. *Villa Blanca*: Located in a charming old villa, this restaurant serves both Norwegian and international cuisine.

5. *Pygmalion*: Perfect for health-conscious diners, it serves organic food and has a peaceful ambiance.

6. *Bare Vestland*: This restaurant offers traditional Nordic dishes prepared with local and seasonal ingredients.

7. *Inside Rock Café*: A vibrant venue serving hearty dishes and showcasing rock memorabilia on its walls.

8. *Spisekroken*: A cozy restaurant with a changing menu to suit the seasonal and locally sourced produce available.

9. *Allmuen*: Popular for its innovative dishes mixing Norwegian and international flavors.

10. *Pingvinen*: This many-sided gastro pub delivers delicious homemade classic meals.


1. *Hemingway’s Bar*: Popular for its broad selection of craft and traditional beers, drawn in a cozy setting.

2. *No Stress*: Known for their specialty cocktails, this bar provides a relaxed ambiance enjoyable to both locals and tourists.

3. *Tidi Bar and Kitchen*: A craft beer pub that also serves fantastic burgers.

4. *BarKollektiv*: Showcasing local and international craft beers, this bar doesn’t fail beer-lovers.

5. *Magic Ice Bar*: A bar made of ice where guests are also treated to a unique ice sculpture display.

6. *Grieghallen*: Classical music bar, presenting regular concerts and operas.

7. *Tango Bar*: Offering creative cocktails and Prohibition-era style décor.

8. *Bar Vulkan*: A vibrant and modern bar with a welcoming atmosphere, and great cocktails.

9. *Ujevnt*: A local favorite with a broad range of drinks and a quaint atmosphere.

10. *Villa Terminus Bar*: Known for its sophisticated wine menu and eye-catching minimalist designs.


1. *Grieg Hall*: A modern cultural hub, home to the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra.

2. *Bergenhus Fortress Museum*: Offers engaging exhibits explaining Bergen’s role in World War II.

3. *Bergen International Film Festival*: An annual event showcasing more than 150 films from around the world.

4. *Bergen City Museum*: Provides informative exhibits about the city’s history and culture.

5. *Bergen Game Collective*: A fun-filled place for both regular gamers and newbies.

6. *Bergen Jazzforum*: A perfect place for jazz lovers, known for its top-notch performances.

7. *Ricks Theatre*: A multifunctional venue hosting various events from rock concerts to stand-up comedy.

8. *KODE Art Museums*: Comprises an extensive array of art and design spread across four buildings.

9. *Bergen Domkirke*: Accommodates weekly organ concerts providing a unique experience.

10. *Carte Blanche*: The national company for contemporary dance featuring various innovative performances.

**Living in Bergen**

1. *Bryggen*: Touristy yet charming, Bryggen is the heart of Bergen’s history and culture.

2. *Fløibanen*: This district at the base of the Fløyen Mountain offers remarkable views and close proximity to the city center.

3. *Nordnes*: Known for its peninsula location and beautiful old houses.

4. *Sandsli*: A relatively newer neighborhood, attracting young professionals and families.

5. *Åsane*: Providing convenient amenities and green spaces, a perfect place for family living.


Brimming with natural beauty, rich history, delectable food, and dynamic nightlife, Bergen offers an exciting adventure at the heart of Norway’s fjords. Whether you love hiking, exploring historical locations, or enjoying live music, Bergen has something for everyone. Come witness the ethereal Northern Lights, the beautiful cobblestone streets of Bryggen, and enjoy the freshest seafood in the historic Fish Market. Bergen is not just a destination; it’s an experience that will create lifetime memories.

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